Notes from the Desk

The romantic in me is in love with the idea of sitting at an old typewriter on a stormy night writing the quintessential Hollywood Noir mystery novel with the “bad” good guy and the “good” bad girl in an old mansion with large windows in which every lightning strike can be seen and rattle everytime the thunder rolls.

What an incredible way to earn a living! But, my practical side knows I would never survive.

So, I decided the next best thing to writing books is making books. But once I discovered all the steps to make a book, I figured I needed to narrow the scope a bit.

That is when I discovered I enjoyed formatting.  I like making documents look good.

It is amazing all the design elements available and the functionality of the different platforms. Then start mixing platforms, OMG!!!

In this blog, I would like to have people share their inspiration using the simple instructions found on the internet or in a manual and demonstrate how they can be applied to formatting challenges.

I invite anyone who has faced a seemingly impossible formatting job to share the story whether it was a success or not and the lesson learned from the experience.


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