Notes from the Desk

Old vintage typewriter

Do you like most people have a ton of digital pictures on your phone…

Or pictures you have saved from a Facebook post…

Or other social media located in different locations to preserve your memories…

Have you ever considered printing the pictures and putting them into a photo album/scrapbook…

What about uploading your photos to one of many online services available for you to “make your own photo album/scrapbook” Did you find the process is just too complicated…

We have navigated these sights, We understand the process, and can locate the best deal for the photo album/scrapbook you are looking to create.

Here at Documents 795, you can tell us the type of photo album/scrapbook you want and I can search the many templates available online or create a custom album/scrapbook.

It can be either an online photo file with a slide show, or a print photo book, or the old fashion photo albums/scrapbook with printed pictures.

These photo albums make wonderful gifts for special events and holiday gift giving season.

Contact us today to start your photo album/scrapbook collection, and preserve your memories.



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