About US

I have always enjoyed reading the printed word.  I love books, the library, bookstores, e-readers, the comfy chair, and of course the cup of coffee or a glass of wine that accompanies reading good material.

Like a piano player using the keys of a piano to express passion for music.  I use a keyboard to express my artistic abilities to make documents flow.

Yes, make documents flow. I know it sounds a little strange, but there is a structure to documents. A poorly constructed document is difficult to follow and becomes very frustrating to read.

It could be something simple like the margins do not match, or there are different fonts and font sizes used in the document.  Sometimes the content does not match the picture or too much content on one page and is overcrowded. There are several ways for a document to go wrong.

Formatting is proofreading, copy editing, and structuring the document. My mission is the documents I format to look professional, have correct grammar and good flow.