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At Documents 795 we deliver outstanding results across 3 key business areas: Document Design, Interior Book Design, and File Conversion.

Document Design

Design is essential for all documents.

Interior Book Design

The only thing the reader should see is the story between the book cover.

File Conversion

Print files are converted to a reflowable file and then uploaded to a distribution platform.

Client Reviews

Teresa worked for me for over two years. She was always ready to take on new projects as she loves to learn new things. Over her time with Dudley Court Press, she became knowledgeable about KDP, LSI, Lulu, and other POD and eBook platforms. Teresa was a loyal and enthusiastic Team Member.

 —Gail Woodard, Publisher, Dudley Court Press

As Operations Support Person, Teresa was very knowledgeable and showed great attention to detail while managing concurrent projects.

David Shields
Operations & Maintenance Manager at Cordova Energy Company

Often, in my experience, individuals tend to overpromise and underdeliver. However, if you’re fortunate, you may find those who deliver exactly what they promise. But then there’s another level, reserved for the rare few, who promise a lot and exceed it by a wide margin. This has been my experience working with Teresa Evans. She went way above and beyond … in every respect … providing far more than she promised … and producing excellence at every step. She is a true professional and was able to tackle my document formatting (and ebook publishing) challenges that others could not accomplish. If you get the privilege of working with her, consider yourself lucky.

Patrick Kelly
Best-Selling Author of Tax-Free Retirement, The Retirement Miracle, and Stress-Free Retirement


Documents 795, LLC is a small document design company.

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