The 4 C’s of Copywriting

By Heather Murry: Founder of Beesting Digital

There’s a quick way to scan your copy and check it’s doing the job.

The 4 C’s of copywriting is one of those brilliant little tools you’ll find yourself going back to time and time again.

🐝 Clear
You’re speaking to people, not businesses. It’s easier to read clear, simple language. Don’t baffle with jargon or too many acronyms. Remember to make your copy scannable by breaking it down into bitesize chunks with bullets, numbers and subheadings.

🐝 Concise
Those people are busy. Use short sentences and short paragraphs to create scannable, easy-to-digest content. Try to avoid unnecessary words in your sentences to make your points clearer.

🐝 Compelling
Speak directly about the pain points (problems) your audience have to attract their attention. Use eye-catching statistics, big facts, and make your solution a real no-brainer.

🐝 Credible
Use reputable sources for your content – avoid tabloids or iffy websites for statistics. Always remember to reference these sources too. Another way to be credible is to use social proof: testimonials, case studies, reviews.

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